June Update

Things are moving right along. The dirt is absolutely perfect for digging and riding too. We seem to have struck the perfect balance between rain and sun. Let’s hope it keeps up!


We met the new¬†superintendent of Christie Lake this past Sunday and we’re pleased to announce a few updates. The first is the pump track. The track was originally set to be on the left hand side of the trail if you are walking from the parking lot, however, a number of events have been using that space as a mud pit and will continue to be used as such. We will be moving the pump track to the other side of the trail, which works out a little better for us as it is further from the lake and should drain quickly. We have no fixed timeline but we’re aiming to get that moving along in July.


We are moving right along on the other half of Ebb & Flow. With the impending tree clearing this winter, we are focusing our attention on the tread and not so much on berms and rollers. Those will come next year after the trees have been removed. While we don’t think there will be much damage done to the trails, we’re playing it safe with all of the new work we’re doing. No contractor has been chosen yet but several have been in to access the job and we’re expecting to see some markings on the trees soon.


We are currently working out details for a discount for trail builders for the Hamilton Conservation Area yearly pass. The conservation area would like to recognize the work that has been done by volunteers with a little kick-back. For anyone who has not considered purchasing a pass, it’s worth every penny, especially if you are hiking anywhere in the Dundas Valley or at any of the HCA properties. We have yet to finalize all of the details and everything is always subject to change, but we will keep everyone up to date with the changes.


I mentioned to a number of people that we were hoping to get in a spring build. Unfortunately that did not happen so we’re looking at either a summer BBQ or a fall big build. Keep your eyes posted for that – you won’t want to miss this one.

That’s all for now. Hope to see you out building soon and we hope you’re enjoying the trails!