Fall Frollic

With little more than an hour’s work, we had the last bit of the lower entrance to the new section of Ebb and Flow cut and ready to ride! Enjoy!

Here’s what you’ll see riding up from the original trail (minus the dog, Kim and Theo, ;)):


And here’s what you’ll see coming from the other direction. You can’t miss it!


With that out of the way, I went off in search of a fallen tree that was blocking a section of Happy Hawthorn (Thanks to Jeff for the tip!). While the rest of the guys hooked up with the crew working on the G-Out.


Next Sunday, we’ll be heading back to the start of Ebb & Flow to start the leg of the trail that will get us to the G-Out. Very exciting stuff.

Finally, the Tuesday crew is moving to Saturday mornings due to a lack of daylight. So now, there are build options for all your weekend needs! 🙂