Edging Closer

Another day and another terrific build! We took on a berm and we cautiously opened up what has been completed on the new section of Ebb & Flow. There’s lots of work to be done yet, but I think you will all be pleased with the efforts!

Morning Rise


The sun came out eventually as we began to unearth the berm. It has an odd shape at the top but once your roll into it, you’ll feel right at home. And there is always the opportunity for change if nobody likes it. But I can almost guarantee that you will!


2013-10-14 11.26.14

Sometimes you have to stand back and look at the lines before you can really set things down.

2013-10-14 11.26.39


And with every great berm comes the exit! Perhaps it isn’t as exciting as the berm itself, but a proper exit means smooth sailing to the next berm… which we haven’t built yet!

2013-10-14 13.31.40


Once we were all happy with the look and feel of the berm, we decided to smash that dirt into the ground. Yes, tamping. Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been informed that tamping helps build muscles. If you’re looking for a good workout and you are tired of paying ridiculous fees for a gym membership, I highly recommend trail building. It’s more rewarding than going to the gym and the company isn’t bad either! You don’t even have to bring your own tools!

And here are some other fun things we found this past weekend. Hope to see you out next time!

2013-10-14 14.20.302013-10-14 12.40.19