Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

The weather was again excellent for building this past Sunday but the lack of rain is making things a bit dusty. Grubbing the trail is fine but tamping/finishing is out until we get a bit more moisture (as I write this, it’s a rainy Monday so things are looking up!).

We had a small but stout crew out and did loads of good work. The highlight for me was the return of one of our founding builders, Braden. It felt like a bachelor party of sorts as he’s about to become a new Dad(!). Congrats and good luck! 🙂

I’ve finally been reunited with my “good” camera so this should be the last crappy pic from me. Nice bench!


I personally won’t be building next weekend but there may still be some people heading out. Check the FB page for details. Also don’t forget the Harvest Festival concert is at Christie this weekend!