Antiques and Other Oddities

Another picture perfect Sunday morning out in the woods and it was good to be back with a week off. The whole park seemed to be suffering a slight hangover from the huge antiques show the day before.:)

As you’ll see from the actual sunlight poking through the trees, we’re getting much closer to breaking through to the top of the hill on this second stretch of Ebb and Flow and on the way there, we’ve broken ground on our biggest berm yet. The elevation drop on this is fairly substantial. I predict it’s going to be the source of a lot of high-speed grinning. 😛



On a more serious note, our club President and I made a ten minute presentation about the project to the Board of Directors of the Hamilton Conservation Authority on Thursday night. In a word, it went “awesomely” (I didn’t say it was going to be a real word! ;)). We were treated to a warm round of applause and a generous helping of thank yous. So, on behalf of the Board, thanks to everyone who’s been out to build or supported us in any way. I can assure you that the Hamilton MTB community is making a very good impression with some of the people who matter most!